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6300 Midnight Pass Rd Sarasota, FL. 34242 (941) 349-7007  
Crystal Sands Owners Association Inc. website, a place where owners can stay up to date on documents, current events and information pertaining to your home on Beautiful Siesta Key.
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Notice to Owners and Guests






During your visit, please help protect Florida’s sea turtles, other wildlife and the coastal habitats upon which they depend. The sea turtle nesting season in Florida runs from March through October on the Atlantic coast, and from May through October on the Gulf coast. During the sea turtle season, please remember a few simple things to help protect these magnificent creatures and their habitat:

It is against the law to touch or disturb nesting sea turtles, hatchlings, or their nests. Sea turtles are protected by both the Federal Endangered Species Act and the Florida Marine Protection Act.

Avoid going to the beach at night. If you must be on the beach at night, limit your walking and do not use flashlights or flash photography. The light may cause the female to abort the nesting process, or other sea turtles nearby may be discouraged from nesting if there are lights on the beach.

Turn off outside patio lights and shield indoor lights from shining directly onto the beach by closing the drapes at night. Lights disturb nesting sea turtles and hatchlings. Please make sure your beachfront lights are in compliance with the law.

While enjoying the beautiful beaches during the day, avoid disturbing marked sea turtle nests, and please take your trash with when you leave the beach.  Cover up any holes in the sand and bring all beach chairs back to the seawall at sunset each day, NO EXCEPTIONS!  Sarasota County imposes strict and exorbitant fines for non-compliance.

When crossing a dune, please use designated cross overs and walkways. Do not climb over the dunes or disturb the dune vegetation.

If you see an injured or dead sea turtle, call the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission     1-888-404-FWCC (3922) or *FWC from your cell phone. Please be prepared to answer the following questions: What is the exact location of the animal? Is the turtle alive or dead? What is the approximate size of the turtle? Is the turtle marked with spray paint? (This indicates that the turtle has been documented.) What is the location of the closest access point to the turtle?

Notice to Owners


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Board Meeting Notice
Crystal Sands Board Meeting
Date: October 8th, 2019
Board Meeting
Time 10:00 AM
Place: Crystal Sands Clubhouse

Board Of Directors
Steve Wickens      -       President
Tom Leske            -       Vice President
Debbie Borowske   -      Treasurer
Steve Lerner         -       Secretary
Don Barsalou        -       Director

Administration Outfit
Monica Stefonek  -    Property Manager, CAM
Margo Shaffer     -    Rental Agent
Jessica Card        -    Receptionist
Bobby Jeane       -    Maintenance Team
Kevin Sasville      -   Maintenance Team

Siesta Key VOTED #1 Beach Again
SIESTA KEY — For the second time in seven years, Siesta Beach earned the equivalent of an environmental Oscar: the No. 1 Beach in America.
The beautiful stretch of white sand — known the world over for its glittering white quartz crystals — previously won the award from Stephen “Dr. Beach” Leatherman in 2011, a distinction that likely drew thousands of tourists to the region who otherwise might not have visited Sarasota County and the broader region.


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